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Marine Marketers of America (MMA) today announced the winners of the 2019 Neptune Awards for Marine Marketing Excellence during the Miami International Boat Show.


“Winning a Neptune Award communicates the highest level of marketing achievement in the boating industry,” said MMA President Wanda Kenton Smith. “This year’s field of entries represents a stellar mix of outstanding marketing initiatives launched and executed by companies large and small.”


This year’s awards drew 150 entries in 20 categories. More than 50 marketing professionals from throughout the industry served as judges. The rules are structured so that no one can judge in a category in which there would be a conflict of interest.


In addition to the category winners, the coveted “King Neptune” Best-in-Competition Award went to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) for its “Off the Hook” initiative. The RBFF campaign used local media, social and influencers to drive powerful attendance at its pop-up Bait Shop in urban areas, where attendees could access rods, reels and bait and then go fishing right there. One of the judges commented: “The RBFF’s Off-the-Hook program told you precisely who their target was, and then went right after them in a unique way and clearly showed the results. They stated, measured and achieved their goals. Their campaign delivered a strategic mix of digital and social influencers with a hands-on event. The program was well executed and included compelling KPIs that demonstrated strong ROI.”


“This year’s Neptune Awards competition delivered an array of thoughtful, well-executed marketing offerings across all categories,” said Sally Helme, MMA vice president and Neptune Awards co-chairperson. “It shows that innovation and creativity are alive and well in the boating marketplace.”

MMA also presented a special Neptune marketing leadership award to Carl Blackwell for his service in leading the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s successful “Discover Boating” campaign, plus a special service award to Greg Proteau of Boating Writers International to honor his retirement and more than 12 years on the MMA Board of Directors.

2019 Neptune Winning Entries

2020 Winners.jpg
2020 Winners2.jpg
2020 Winners3.jpg
2020 Winners4.jpg
2020 Winners5.jpg
2020 Winners6.jpg
2020 Winners7.jpg
2020 Winners8.jpg
2020 Winners12.jpg
2020 Winners17.jpg
2020 Winners9.jpg
2020 Winners13.jpg
2020 Winners10.jpg
2020 Winners14.jpg
2020 Winners18.jpg
2020 Winners11.jpg
2020 Winners15.jpg
2020 Winners19.jpg
2020 Winners16.jpg

2019 Neptune Honorable Mentions

2020 HM -.jpg
2020 HM -10.jpg
2020 HM -2.jpg
2020 HM -6.jpg
2020 HM -11.jpg
2020 HM -3.jpg
2020 HM -7.jpg
2020 HM -12.jpg
2020 HM -4.jpg
2020 HM -8.jpg
2020 HM -13.jpg
2020 HM -5.jpg
2020 HM -9.jpg
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