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5 Tips for Building a Great Team

by Matt Gruhn

Soundings Trade Only Online

Even without the craziness of today’s workforce market, recruiting and hiring can be some of the most frustrating job duties for a dealership manager. If you’re an owner, you’ve admitted quietly to yourself that you didn’t get into this business to deal with all of these human-resources headaches. The payroll taxes, the benefits administration, the complex needs of every different team member, not to mention those annual performance reviews — it’s enough to make you wish you could just do all the work yourself.

Similarly, if you’re a manager who is as understaffed as industry numbers suggest you are, then you simply don’t have the time to spare amid all your other job duties: writing job descriptions, posting jobs, building a hiring team, scheduling candidates, compiling questions, conducting interviews, negotiating job offers and more.

About a decade ago, a seemingly innocent shortage of available help made operating a boat dealership slightly more challenging. In today’s... [read more]


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