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TeakDecking Systems Announces New Partnership with Nature Conservancy

TeakDecking Systems Announces New Partnership with Nature Conservancy

Teakdecking Systems (TDS), the world’s premier manufacturer of teak decking has launched a campaign to conserve Myanmar’s biological and cultural assets, and to restore forests, by donating $50,000 to The Nature Conservancy.

TDS is committed to increasing awareness of this important campaign to colleagues and customers in the marine market and is facilitating methods for donation to supporters of this important and necessary effort in Myanmar.

For decades, Myanmar was isolated from the rest of the world, with uncertain economic and political conditions. Today, changes are taking place. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is working to protect nearly 2.5 million acres of forests in Myanmar through a strong partnership with forestry officials and small villages. They are actively supporting efforts to plant new trees, fight illegal loggers, and explore new methods of sustainable logging.

“We created this partnership with TNC to raise awareness of the active work taking place in Myanmar,” said Richard Strauss, President of Teakdecking Systems and new corporate member of Marine Marketers of America. “The last-remaining forests are being protected, emissions are being reduced, and reforestation will happen. Funding will also support the preservation of the Ayeyarwaddy (Southeast Asia’s last free-flowing river) from unsustainable development. We are pleased that our support will benefit nature, but it also will help the people who live in Myanmar today and preserve their future.

We encourage donations and have established a method to contribute directly to TNC’s efforts in Myanmar through our website: Donations can also be added to an existing order.”


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