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To Show or not To Show: The Million-Dollar Question

by Wanda Kenton Smith

Soundings Trade Only

Boat shows remain ground zero for showcasing new product, engaging with clients and setting the table for future sales

Consumer boat shows are throttling forward with gusto into the fall and winter seasons. However, with supply-chain issues and widespread inventory shortages continuing to stymie retail, the big question in many minds is: to show or not to show?

Retailer Jeff Husby, general manager and owner of Regal Nautique of Orlando, Fla., is queued up to deploy a proven show strategy: presold orders. The dealership creates display boards featuring all future builds, including pricing and estimated delivery dates. These boards are coupled with interactive touch screens so customers can build a boat on the spot. As presold slots fill up, the board updates instantly, creating urgency.

Husby’s team has taken an oath of “total transparency” regarding production timelines. They share manufacturer-estimated delivery dates and follow up regularly with customers, a strategy intended to build trust... [read more]


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