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Email Remains a Vital Marketing Tool for Dealers

by Norm Schultz

Soundings Trade Only

I’m on a lot of email lists. I subscribe to many marine-related and general business websites and newsletters. But when I see each day’s incoming email list, the real question is how many will I open?

I admit — around 75 percent go unread each day. Despite email's reputation for overuse and abuse, email marketing remains a very usable tool for marine dealers, so it’s reasonable to consider what those 25 percent of senders do right to get me to open their email.

First, there’s no doubt using email successfully is all about content.

That’s why experts call it the staple of content marketing. To that point, when I see emails from certain senders, I immediately anticipate it will have good content because that’s what I always receive from that sender. Moreover, I don’t expect it will contain... [read more]

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