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Embracing sustainability

by Adam Quandt

Sustainability is certainly not a new notion to our world; however, the idea of sustainability and operating business sustainably has gained more and more momentum over the last few years, especially as we look at the recreational boating industry of both today and the future.

“Innovation is alive and well in the recreational boating community. We’re seeing companies big and small reinforce their commitment to the next generation of boating and amplifying our industry's dedication to environmental stewardship and conservation,” the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) said on sustainability in the recreational boating industry. “This includes product line enhancements, policy imperatives, and expanding accessibility to new boating technologies. Our industry is working diligently to make our product lines more sustainable—from incorporating recycled materials into manufacturing processes to developing more environmentally friendly propulsion systems—recreational boating manufacturers have shown a clear desire to innovate and explore new frontiers.”

NMMA president Frank Hugelmeyer touched on sustainability in a recent issue of Boating Industry while looking at the industry from an aspect... [read more]


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