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Profiles in leadership: Jim Emmons

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

by Wanda Kenton Smith June 21, 2021 From the time he was a tyke tubing behind his grandfather’s 55-foot houseboat, through combo skiing and carving on a big board as a teen, to surfing the waves in exotic oceans as an adult, Jim Emmons has had a lifelong love affair with the water.

In 1989, former college buddy John McEver of World Publications (later acquired by Bonnier) gave him an opportunity to match his water-borne passion with a promising career. Jim became an ad sales rep for WaterSki Magazine and a few short years later, co-founded WakeBoarding Magazine where he remained for 21 years, eventually becoming publisher of both water sports titles.

During his tenure, Jim took on key industry roles including serving four times as elected president of the Water Sports Industry Association... Click Here to Read More

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